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About NetBlue Africa | African Digital Marketing Agency


We are an African Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Online Marketing, Media Analysis and High-End Market Rationalization.


In Africa, we are not only Pioneers but also Leaders in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , PPC / Google Adwords Campaigns, Conversion Rate Optimization, Mobile Advertising and Email & Social Media Marketing.


NetBlue Africa is simply concerned with making Digital Marketing a reality in Africa. NetBlue has already created a solid Online network with market leaders in the African Continent and has started taking traditional offline businesses online. With partnerships through outsourced projects from its clients based all over the world, NetBlue has positioned itself as the undisputed leader in the Africa's Digital Marketing. Every day, the company responds to enquiries from Global brands seeking to penetrate the African Market.


Moving forward

According to the fact-based high profile ignition at the hands of NetBlue Africa, the Digital Marketing platform in Africa will show a sharp rise starting 2011 with a doubling of the numbers coming online. By the start of the second quarter of 2011 for example, there will be around 12 million Kenyans online and approximately 23 million Kenyans with mobile phones. The underlying facts and figures beneath this yellow statistic are golden to us at NetBlue Africa because we have the exact metrics provided by this numbers. We have a precise answer to the hardest question for any marketer: What does the market want? Without guessing, NetBlue Africa knows what the African market wants and is not struggling to take its place as the African Digital Marketing leader.


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